Adding Categories Granularly

You can also add categories with very granular information using the category() method. This method will allow you to add a category definition with a range of severity levels and even a list of which appenders to respond to.

public void category(
    string name,
    [numeric levelMin='0',]
    [numeric levelMax='4',]
    [string appenders='*']


Name Description
name A unique name for the appender to register. Only unique names can be registered per instance.
levelMin The default min log level for this category. (OPTIONAL. Defaults to 0 [FATAL].)
levelMax The max default log level for this category. (OPTIONAL. Defaults to 4 [DEBUG].)
appenders A list of appender names to configure this category with else it will use all the appenders in the root logger. You can also use * to add all registered apenders. (OPTIONAL)


//log all email service messages to the MyLogFileAppender and the Console.
config.category( name="org.model.EmailService", appenders="MyLogFileAppender,Console" );

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