The LogBox Injection DSL

WireBox DI and Injection can talk to LogBox. This way you can easily use our dependency injection DSL for LogBox related objects:

Type Description
logbox Get a reference to the application's LogBox instance
logbox:root Get a reference to the root logger
logbox:logger:category Get a reference to a named logger by its category name
logbox:logger:{this} Get a reference to a named logger according to the current class path of the injected target

Below you can see the most common usage of this dependency DSL:

//  LogBox wired in
property name="logBox" type="logbox";

//  Root Logger
property name="logger" type="logbox:root";

//  Named Category
property name="logger" type="logbox:logger:com.api.model";

//  Category eq to ClassPath
property name="logger" type="logbox:logger:{this}";

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