Dynamic Appenders

Each logger object has several methods that you can use in order to interact with the logger's appenders. You can add, remove, clear or list the appenders on a specific logger instance. Below are the methods you can use in the logger class to interact with appenders:

Method Return Type Description
hasAppenders() Boolean Checks if the logger has any appenders attached to it
getAppenders() Struct Returns the map of registered appenders
getAppender(name) Appender Return a named appender if it is registered in the logger
appenderExists(name) Boolean Checks if a named appender exists in the logger
addAppender(Appender) void Register an appender with the logger at runtime
removeAppender(name) Boolean Will un-register an appender from this logger
removeAllAppenders() void Will try to un-register all appenders from this logger

So you can easily add/remove/check the appenders on any logger at any time.

//Add your own appender at runtime
jms = createObject( "component", "com.appender.JMSAppender" ).init( "JMSAppender", properties );
logger.addAppender( jms );

//log a message to all appenders and to my jms appender:
logger.fatal( "I FAILED MAN!" );

//remove it
logger.removeAppender( "JMSAppender" );

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