LogBox can be downloaded as a standalone framework or included with the latest ColdBox Platform release. The main difference between both versions is the instantiation and usage namespace; the rest is the same.

The best way to install LogBox is by using CommandBox CLI and package manager.

System Requirements

  • ColdFusion 2018+

  • Lucee 5+

ColdBox Installation

If you are using LogBox within a ColdBox application context, then LogBox is part of the platform. Just configure it via the config/LogBox.cfc and you are ready to roll.

Standalone Installation

You can leverage CommandBox to install the standalone version of LogBox

# Latest CommandBox
box install logbox

# Bleeding Edge
box install logbox@be


You will need the following mappings that all point to the folder you installed logbox into:

this.mappings[ "/logbox" ] = "";

This will ensure that the appropriate libraries can find each other.

Remember that this only applies to the standalone approach.

If you can run the following snippet, then LogBox is installed correctly:

logbox = new logbox.system.logging.LogBox();






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