Helper Methods

The abstract appender also has various cool methods that you can use when building appenders:

Properties Methods

struct getProperties()
Get the entire properties struct.
void setProperties(struct properties)
Override all properties with a new properties struct.
any getProperty(string property)
Get a property.
void setProperty(string property, any value)
Set a property.
boolean propertyExists(string property)
Checks if a property exists.

Utility Methods

boolean isInitialized()
Returns true if the appender has been initialized.
string getName()
Get the name of the appender
string getHash()
Get the appender's unique hash id
string severityToString(numeric severity)
Transforms a severity integer to it's human readable form

Layout Methods

any getCustomLayout()
Get the custom layout object if defined.
boolean hasCustomLayout()
Checks if the custom layout object is defined in this appender.